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Moments and Movements

I see floating water, i see the Ganges, i see momentariness. The floating water that rushes along the way remembers me on human life. Human life that rushes along the way. The floating water from the river it represents our human life. In one moment i observe one part, one small spot of the Ganges and realize that this spot is not the same spot i observed for a second, because the float was already continued. Nothing is at is was. Everything is changing just in less than a second. What are you see while watching the river? Is it the color maybe of a deep green or light blue, a little bit of white, because of the foam of the vibration in the water, the reflection of the clouds and the sky?

When we see the river as an object created by our imaginations, we see exactly these descriptions. Colors, shapes and illusions. Or we take a closer look and realize the passage of time in there. „ From the unreal to the real“. Life is a treasure and flows continous. Like the water so also flows our mind, our spirit. There is one thought and in the other second is that thought already past. Therefore i find, it is very important the moment we are living in, to see, to appreciate that moment. We have nothing others as now as exactly that moment. The view back into the deep past or the view to the future is nonsensical, because it is simply a mix of our imaginations and illusions.

„Asato ma sat gamaya

Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

Mrityor ma amritam gamaya“

„Lead me from the unreal to the real, lead me from darkness to the light, from death to immortality.“

Do i observe the Ganges, the holy river i become aware of how fast our human being, our physiological body is perishable.

In our mind is the fact to become hundred years old simply gigantic- an infinite time, but to see it from an other perspective as we consider the mortality of a star or planet, is our human life short. A way to short to waist time with unnecessary things. Therefore it is so fundamental to see the beauties of life, to see the connection with everything. Everything is connected, everything flows continuously. Respect of nature, respect for all creatures, respect of God, respect for yourself. Everything what we speak or think, every action has a meaning and at least it leaves traces. The law of cause and effect. In Yoga we are learning to bring our thoughts, actions and feelings in a balance, to create a good karma, a good energy around us. We are sending our intensions to God, doesn’t matter which kind of intension or to which God we are sending our intensions to.

All distracting longings generate karma and leave Samskaras (bonds) and stays inevitable around us like a magnetic field. Right now in my life here in Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, while doing the yoga teacher training, i can observe very well any kind of desires i create. The monkey mind is be tamed difficult, if you are on your way to your inner self, to the true consciousness. Suddenly there are plenty of of desires. The longings for a body, for food, for love, for shopping and many more created belongings. It is an every day work to focus on the real work, the work on your inner self-discipline (Shouncha) and your inner silence (Nerodha). Collected Samskaras are created from our selfs in the past as in life past. All desires are coming from this bonds. In Yoga we are trying to go through that bondings to become free in mind and to have opportunities to create new paths, new ways of thinking. Remove from old (Saucha). To get something you have to leave something. The way to get there is difficult, but not impossible when we are follow the way of yoga, when we are follow the way of inner silence.

The devotion to the source of conscious is the secret of inner silence. Do we turn our attention to God we will find the source. All the internal unrest, caused by longings brings us far away from the source, from Ishvara. In Yoga we are learning to keep focussing on Ishvara and bring all our intension to it. We can do that while practicing Yoga Asana or meditation. In meditation it can help to focus on Ishvara, to be concentrate and see a deeper meaning while meditating. You fulfill yourself with mind. To practice Yoga Asana is just a glimpse to become aware. Asana, this word exists thousand of years in the Indian culture and meant in the beginning simply "mediation seat". Over the time, Yoga Asana became also an movement to connect with your inner self. In modern times we are often get confused about what Asana means. A lot of people think Yoga means sport, an activity to bring your body in shape, but that is wrong.Yoga means inner work, Yoga means to bring yourself closer to God, to the source. Which king of God in unnecessary, because God is everything. Brahman is everything, Perusha is everything, Om is everything. Om is the sound of Ishvara. Om represents everything what was, what is and what will be. As christians we know it as Amen. Om also stays for what is beside past, now and future. In one of my past Yoga experiences in Berlin, Germany as a Yoga student we was a group of maybe 30 Students while practicing Yoga Asana. In the beginning of the class the teacher invited us to open the class with a continuous Om. We didn’t stop singing Om. In the beginning it felt separate, but after a while the sound of Om was everywhere around us, in myself. It felt as if the sound was carried out into the world, without any borders. Free.

Here i had an idea of what Om could be. The feeling after the meditation was incredible and it is still hard to explain, because maybe there isn’t a word for it. Suddenly one with the surrounding, one with yourself, one with everybody else, in clearly mind.

A good teacher is for me a teacher who shows the wise path of yoga and creates the mistaken believe from the world that yoga means sport. A good teacher is for me a teacher who teaches the students the eight paths of Yoga.

Nothing stays alone, it only works in combination with each other, even the paths of Yoga. Inner work (Niyamas) as external work (Yamas) is equally fundamental. If you do not hold your body and spirit pure so, it can not operate outside. Unfortunately you can see it in so many examples outside in our world that inner work doesn’t become so much attention. Here in Rishikesh it seems different, because people have time and interest to work on there inner self. It would be great to carrie that memories and learnings out of Rishikesh to show it to the world, everything could be healed after while. All Forrest, Rivers, Oceans, Continents- everything would come in a balance again. A nice thought here.

Patanjali brings the inner work to a simple point, the five rules for dealing with ourselves.

1. Purity of body and mind

2. Cultivating an attitude of contentment

3. Clean and strengthening exercises

4. Study and self exploration

5. Devotion to the source.

It sounds very simple, but it is hard work and you have to remember yourself every single day. If ones the Yogi integrates the rules, the Student is able to take the benefits. That is the good part. The benefits are: happiness, satisfaction, compassion, health, sensibility, wisdom and unit.

If you are look back to the river, the continuous flow who represents the momentariness of life. Lets join the short time we have on mother earth and lets create something good, so the river can flow indefinitely. Everything is one. I think that are the true words of Patanjalis Sutras.

Furthermore i think if we understand that all is one, it is equally important this knowledge also to let it go. The process of letting it go of all we have learned on our way of Yoga or any other ways, also we have to let it go, so we can be truly free, Om